Continental CQR Program...

Quality problems that surface at your customer's site can require a personal visit by one of your engineers, which is both time consuming and expensive. Continental Quality solves this problem for our customers by providing Customer Quality Representative who resides near your customer's site.

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Quality Inspection...

Continental Quality has created one of the most complete packages of Third Party Containment Inspection services in the Midwest. We provide a wide range of Sorting and Inspection Services in our centrally located Midwest Quality Engineering Center or one of our Attack Teams can be deployed to your plant or to your customer's plant to sort and inspect non-conforming parts.

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Quality Rework and Design...

Continental has experienced plant operators that can perform most rework operations. Our engineers can assist you in developing the operator instructions, obtaining tools and material, and then supervise the rework to your specifications. You can salvage product with rework that meets your customer's exact requirements and specifications.

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Welcome to Continental Quality Engineering

Continental Quality Engineering, a division of Continental Design & Engineering, is built on a twenty five year history of Manufacturing Engineering capabilities. Our familiarity with the world of automotive component suppliers has enabled us to respond to the need for detecting and containing parts that do not conform to manufacturing specifications.

Continental Quality provides you with rapid response to your quality sorting, quality inspection, quality containment, quality rework and other quality engineering needs. We pride ourselves on being fast and responsive.

In addition to our quality sorting and inspection teams, we have experienced Quality Engineers with the capacity to provide quality engineering support including root cause analysis and the implementation of irrevocable corrective actions. We will assist you in the resolution of the underlying cause for the non-conforming parts.

Continental Quality has a long history of providing support to manufacturers when they need it, where they need it and within budget. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and budget, and then develop solutions that meet these needs and cost constraints. We support you with short-term fixes as well as long-term solutions.

Our Advantage

Continental Quality draws from a huge wealth of experience in quality services, engineering and staffing to precisely match your needs to an overall system that is accurate, cost effective and efficient. We understand your needs.

CQR's Nationwide
CQR's make regular weekly visits to your customer and are on-call when any customer issue surfaces.

Sorting & Inspection
We have created one of the most complete packages of Containment Inspection services in the Midwest.

Round the Clock Service
We understand that response time is critical and which is why Continental has Inspection Teams that are designed to get you back in control of your shipping schedule and out of containment rapidly.


For fastest response to your Quality engineering needs, contact Continental Quality Engineering at 765-778-9999 or fill out our email form here, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Looking For A CQR?

Quality issues that surface at your customer's site can require a personal visit by one of your engineers, which is both time consuming and expensive. Learn How Continental Quality can help here!